Various pictures from the NYS Canal System

At the end of June 2006 severe flooding occurred in the canal system. The huge volume of water destoyed Lock E-10 as well as many other structures in its path. It was reported at the time that the water was above the dam at Lock E-10 by almost 8 ft.
Lock E-9 after the waters receded.
Work began immediately on restoring the system. Here is Lock E-10'
Baldwinsville, NY from Lock E-24
Cayuga-Seneca Lock 4
Bridge over the Cayuga- Seneca
Cayuga-Seneca Canal
Little Falls, NY
Urger and Shenandoah at Little Falls
Lock E-11
Dam at Lock E-13
Lock E-21
Lock E-11
Lock E-12
Lock E-16
Old canal ruins on the Seneca River
Seneca Lake
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