In the fall of 2005, I took the Ben Elliot from Oswego back east with two new barges. They were a YC,deck barge, and a YFN, covered barge, both on their way to Norfolk for delivery to the US Navy. They were built in Escanaba, MI by Basic Marine and towed to Oswego by them.
Approaching Lock O-5 in Minetto
Lock O-6
Dam at Lock O-7
Heading for Lock O-8
Lock O-8 looking out to Oswego Harbor and Lake Ontario
Navy YC with Ben alomngside in Oswego harbor
YFN 1286 ballasted down on the wall in Oswego. Due to her height we had to ballast her down to 9 1/2 ft and this brought her to 19 1/2 ft of air draft. The canal's controlling height is 20 ft on the bridges and 9 1/2 ft of draft would mean that we would push through some mud going east. We are underway with the YC barge taking her east first. It was easier to single lock on the Oswegoas we had high water.
Oswego Harbor mural
Pushing the YC 1671 towards Lock O-7
The Oswego was really running. The Lake was rough but the heavy flow of water down the river kept Oswego Harbor relatively calm. The lake was rough enough to turn the Basic Marine tug around the previous night. She is a 110' ex USCG icebreaker.
The second bridge. It was no problem for this barge, but the YFN was a bit too tall.
Looking north from inside Lock O-6. The foam is from the river coming over the falls next the lock.
Heading for Lock O-5
Inside Lock O-5
Raising up on Lock O-5
Oswego River house
Lock O-3
Lock O-2
Entering Lock O-1. They have to raise an automobile bridge to get us in.
Three Rivers. We turn east here and head into the Oneida River and the Erie Canal. Had we gone straight south we wouldhave entered the Seneca River and been able to either go into Lake Cayuga and Seneca or head west on the western Erie Canal for Buffalo.
Oneida River
Approaching Lock E-23. This lock is the control lock for Oneida Lake.
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