Some pictures from a trip through the eastern Erie canal and Oswego Canal in 2005. I was on the tug Margot pushing a barge with a turbine on it to Oswego.
Entering the Federal Lock at Troy, NY
Margot, house down, at the 112th St Bridge on the Hudson
North of the bridge and the house back up
Waterford, NY
Waterford Termnal
Approaching Lock E-2
Each lock has a sign with distances to each lock around it plus elevation above sea level. When raised up on Lock E-2 we will be 48.75 ft above sea level on the tidal Hudson below the Troy Lock.
Waterford over the lock's wall
Westbound above Lock E-2
Approaching Lock E-4
The sign at Lock E-6. This lock is the top of the Waterford Flight. Five locks (starting with Lock E-2) that raise us up 184 ft in less than 2 miles.
Guard gate above the flight. Guard Gates are used to control the flow of water. This gate diverts the water of the nearby falls and down to the Hudson.
West of the I-87 Twin Bridges
Lock E-11 in Amsterdam, NY
Looking back on the dam at Lock E-11
Inside Lock E-12
Lock E-12 is run by Sully, a meticulous caretaker.
Dam at Lock E-12
Dam at Lock E-13
Bridge E-24
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