From November 2007 through February 2008, I worked on Interport Towing's Lucinda Smith on Week's Baltimore Harbor Drege Projects. We worked with two dredges that were dredging Ferry Bar Channel and Dundalk Terminal. The following pictures were taken from the Lucinda Smith on this project.
Ft Carroll - Nov 2007


Sparrows Point - Nov 2007
Chesapeake Bay sunrise Dec 2007. We are pushing a 3000 yd scow with the Lucinda Smith
View from the upper house looking out over the scow. It is partially filled with mud. We took the scows to Hart-Miller Island to be pumped out and because the flats were shallow that we had to cross to get there, the scows couldn't be fully loaded.
Looking down on the Lucinda's stern from the upper house.
The Lucinda's wheelhouse
Putting the barge under the offloader at Hart-Miller Island with the Miss Jennifer assisting us in
Sunrise in November 2007 crossing the flats.
Pushing the light Weeks 110 inbound approaching the Key Bridge
Key Bridge
Chesapeake Sunrise
Day shapes at the offloader
Marble Highway inbound Baltimore
HSV-2 inbound Baltimore
Loading in Ferry Bar at the Dredge 551
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