The following links will take you to pages with pictures from some of my tows.
Boston Tug Muster 1988 Gulf Coast 2011 Gulf Coast 2012
Capt Tom - 2003/2004 Empire Harbor - Denny Donovan Pics Hudson Ice - Denny Donovan Photos
Pelicans Mobile to Panama City - May 2012 Monhegan Island - 2014
  New York Harbor to Martha's Vineyard - Navigator - 3-2014  
Videos -- (Large files, long downloads - 16x faster than life!)
Videos from working in Claremont Terminal shifing barges and from runs to scrap yards around NY Harbor
Pushing & Pulling Deep Draft on a Line Alongside on a Line
Pulling A Barge Out From Behind A Ship 104 Into the Canal
Moving the old Willis Ave Bridge into the Tilcon Canal Making Tow
Assisting the Cheyenne into Claremont with two barges Gowanus Swap Out

Pushing a Light Scrappie up the Hutch to PASCAP 2 on the Cheyenne

Two Gate Line Tows
Pushing a Light Scrap Barge up the Harlem River on the Cheyenne Shifting Two Cape Barges
Transition - Astern to Alongside Backing From Place to Place Barges Behind Barges
William Ebanks on the Cheyenne winning the NY Harbor Line Throwing Competition - Debra Anderson video
A Trip Up Newtown Creek to King's Yard Alongside On A Line (2)
2 Same Barges, 2 Different Ways 2 Deck Barges, One Line Downwind Spinning a Crane Barge
Cheyenne - Gate Lines Transition - Astern to Alongside 2 One-Lining Backwards
Its My Job Pulling & Pushing on One Line Lord of the Barge Dance
One-Line-In Good Night Irene One-Line-In-Too
One Out, One In, One Line Before Lunch Passaic River - Part 1
Eastchester - Jan 2012 Two Gate Line Tows Seven Moves One Morning
Stringing Out 2 Barges- Jan 2012 Passaic River Outbound - Jan 2012 Wendy - Over & Back - Jan 2012
Tight Fit - Jan 2012 Crane Barge Behind Ship - Jan 2012 Hudson River 1 - August 2014
Gowanus - August 2014 North River - August 2014  
A Trip Around Bayonne Westbound on the East River Landing a Scow in Newark
Hutch River Barge Swap Newtown Creek Barge Swap Bronx River Barge Swap
Alabama Canal Bayou La Batre Alligator Bayou
  Grand Canyon  
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