Whether you need to move barges or other floating equipment from Maine to Mississippi or through our inland waterways, including the New York State Barge Canal System, Intracoastal Transportation, Inc can help. We have 20 years of providing quality and timely towing services throughout the eastern seaboard.

In 2006, we moved more barges and traveled more miles in the New York State Canal System than any other tug company in the United States. We towed dumps scows & crane barges, deck barges, a jumbo grain hopper and a landing craft (LCM-8) for the U. S. Navy.

What can we move for you?

Above: Scenes from this 2006.. Clockwise from top left: Westbound at Erie Canal Lock E-21 with US Navy LCM, Alongside Weeks 297 as 145th Street bridge is rolled on (center), northbound above the Bear Mtn Bridge on Hudson River with Weeks 297, northbound on Hudson River above George Washington Bridge with Sterling Equipment's JAMIE D bound for Feeney's Yard in Kingston for Agate Construction and alongside terminal wall in Brockport, NY with LCM 8 bound for Newport News, VA from Cleveland, OH.

Intracoastal Transportation is a full-service marine service provider with state-of-the-art technology and equipment, and experienced crews. And, we are HAZMAT trained. Isn't it time we served you?

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