Cargo Transportation

We specialize in moving barges. Whether the barge is carrying a million dollar piece of electrical equipment or an empty dumpster, we guarantee safe delivery. The SHENANDOAH is capable of getting your barge into places most tugs can't go.

We now have use of small barges for bridge inspections, cargo transportation into shallow waters, waterside construction for buildings fronting and over the water and a ramp barge for getting your equipment and personnel to islands and remote places.

NYS Barge Canal - Erie, Champlain, Oswego & Cayuga-Seneca Canals

The New York State Canal System is a navigable 524-mile inland waterway that crosses upstate New York. It forms an extensive transportation network providing intermodal linkages within and beyond the state's borders.

Sunset at Lock E-13 - Erie Canal - October 2005

Ship Docking
Ships and Barges
Intracoastal Transportation is the perfect choice for your assist into Port. Whether you have a tandem tow, or just need an assist at the dock, we can help. Our Captains have considerable experience with difficult barge movements.

Shipyard Movements
We can move barges and/or boats into drydocks, graving docks and railways or reposition boats and barges at the dock for work. We'll run the containment booms around your vessel or docks and we will handle pollution control for you. We also can help with underwater surveys at the shipyard to help determine placement of blocks.

Other Vessel Movements
Intracoastal Transportation is available for you in any Eastern U.S., NY State Canal and Great Lakes port and for assisting vessels, such as liftboats and other marine construction vessels, through unfamiliar waters.
Construction Support

Pier Construction
From rocks to pilings and planking, Intracoastal Transportation can help with your project, by providing delivery of your supplies when and where you need them.

Equipment Transportation
Intracoastal Transportation can provide cost-effective transportation for all your equipment delivery needs. We have experience shifting some of the largest barges on the East Coast, and supporting them on site. We'll take your crane barge to Connecticut or tow your vessels to Norfolk.

Debris Removal
Is the day to day trash piling up around you on the barges and boats? Our "Floating Dumpster®" Service can take the pressure off. We are environmentally friendly and all debris is disposed of in accordance with all applicable laws.

We have had training as HAZMAT General Site Workers and are qualified under OSHA regualtions for work on HAZMAT Dredging sites
Vessel Security Assessments and Plans
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We are allied with Associated Diver for all of your commercial diving needs. Some services include wheel cleaning and changing, hull inspections and cleaning, underwater construction and equipment retrieval. Ed Redfield can be reached through us or directly at (508) 726-1980.
Salvage Work

We offer a complete line of salvage services. Do you need a diver, compressed air and liftbags? How about a tow off of a beach? We can raise your vessel, get it to land and transport it to your repair facility or we can repair it in place.

Whatever your need, we can help!

We offer training programs for all people interested in the industry. We are not accredited, but can help you through the maze of Federal Regulations and will help you on your way to a position on deck, in the engine room or in the wheelhouse. Ask us what we can do for you!
Special Projects

We have been involved in all phases of the commercial marine industry and supporting our customers in these often unchartered waters is what we do best. We can help you complete your project.

Whether it is a movie shoot on Lake Champlain, providing a platform for bridge work in the Patapsco or Niantic, or heavy equipment landing on a barrier island, we can handle it.

Allow us to work out a solution for you. If you have a challenge, we can provide a cost-effective solution.

We also offer internet tracking of your equipment and/or cargo.

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